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September 28, 2013 @ 4:45 pm

Done for You WebsitesI don’t know why but I still receive a lot of offers with “done for you” stuff in my inbox. Gurus will do everything for me: websites, articles, videos, emails,… for fair price. I need just to push a button. I even bought one product having “done for you” as addition.
I’m sure all Internet marketers today know Google likes unique content but I’m not sure how could my “done for you” site be unique if every buyer of that product has got same content. Obviously “done for you” site is bad idea if you count on the free traffic from Google. OK, SEO is not everything. You can count on paid traffic, solo ads, traffic swapping, social media,…
Done for you websites will save your time but I still don’t like an idea of building the site with the content that “everybody” has. Creating unique content is not easy but it’s worth of your time. If you are not type of person for writing, you can try finding someone who will do it for you. Finding a writer shouldn’t be a problem if you’ve heard of fiverr website where you will get an article consisting of five hundred words for five bucks.

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