Free Traffic For Newbies

December 9, 2013 @ 11:07 pm

Free Traffic For NewbiesEverybody is talking about a free traffic but no one has seen it. Almost a true story. In most cases so-called the free traffic is just trading a time for a money. You don’t have money to pay for the traffic or you don’t want to pay. Fortunately you have enough time for blogging, blog commenting, submitting articles, posting on forums, facebooking,… If you really have time, it works for you. All of these methods are time-consuming activities. Don’t forget: time does cost you. Time is money. You should commit your time to those activities the same way you would for any conventional job. If you’re not consistent, results won’t be good enough. Established internet marketers get the traffic from an email marketing and joint ventures. Joint ventures are not free at all because you pay a commission for that traffic. If you’re just starting out, you can’t use these methods because you don’t have an email list. If you want to build it, you need the traffic. It looks like a vicious circle. All this methods you can use as newbie are getting results very slowly. On the contrary paid traffic is almost instant. You pay and the traffic arrives. Is there any chance to get some free traffic that comes pretty fast and you won’t spend months to make it work ? Making and ranking the video high on YouTube could be a solution. You could learn it on your own or pay someone to teach you. Learning is time-consuming activity so this can’t be considered as really free traffic method. Obviously there is no free traffic for newbies.

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