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Who is Cedric Penn?

Born the youngest of eight children to hard-working parents in Brownsville, Pennsylvania, Cedric discovered his athletic ability at a young age. This gift eventually led to him playing both football and baseball on a scholarship to Purdue University, before transferring to Western Kentucky and gaining the distinction of being an All-American athlete.

Following college, Cedric expected to be an NFL draft pick, but was never given the opportunity. He struggled for years trying to make ends meet when he encountered relationship marketing for the first time.

Cedric established the Diamond Network, an organization “founded on the principles of Faith, Family and Prosperity with the vision of presenting premier business opportunities to the world.”

Cedric has impacted lives and was dubbed "The Business Rain Maker" because of his ability to use his coaching and pass along his expertise to those who are serious about building generational wealth. He's responsible for creating millionaires all across the globe.

Tragedy struck for Cedric in 2008.

Cedric took his motorcycle out for a ride around his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia when out of nowhere, a drunk driver struck him, hurling Cedric’s body and bike to the pavement.

The damage to his body was catastrophic: a broken pelvis, two broken wrists, eight teeth knocked out, major facial trauma, and a right arm broken in 23 places. Beyond that, the emotional damage would last for years.

That did not stop him.

After therapy and learning to cope with the unfortunate setback, Cedric rose out of the ashes and resumed his life and business and is back to creating new success stories and changing lives.

This interview will prove to be eye opening and will leave you with some BIG "Aha" moments.

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