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September 21, 2013 @ 5:57 pm

Welcome to My BlogWelcome to my blog ! These days I joined John Thornhill Partnership to Success program. I received first week assignment and you’re looking into my result: Partnership to Success blog. I’m not a newbie so it was pretty easy to me. Unfortunately my ISP made some changes about outgoing mail (blocking ports 25, 26, 465) so I lost a few hours more unexpectedly. Anyway John’s program looks great so I can’t wait for next tasks. He presents everything clearly so it’s easy to follow. English is not my first language so sometimes I have a little problem with John’s accent but I hope that I’ll get used to it soon. As a member I received from John 19 products free of charge: that’s a real treasure. Among this products are: JV Auction Profits, Affiliate Promo Formula, Resale Rights Roadmap,… I’m not allowed to use them now because I could be overwhelmed. My goal is to move on the higher level with John’s help. I believe that I have the right mindset: there are no obstacles, only challenges to overcome.

I hope all this stuff sounds interesting to you and that you will follow my journey – to build business online.

I’m looking forward to your comments and questions.

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