WordPress Plugin Neglected From The Masses

November 20, 2013 @ 11:28 pm

WordPress Plugin Neglected From The Masses If you use WordPress, plugins are the most important thing for your website. The functionality and security is determined by installed plugins because a basic installation obviously doesn’t provide all necessary features. I’m still in the process of finding useful plugins but I want to put some attention on one plugin that I think is neglected by the masses. I’m talking about a free plugin offering great features as firewall, virus protection, real-time traffic with geolocation, security alerts via email and many more – Wordfence Security. It is constantly updated with latest security features against the newest threats to our WordPress websites. Author of Wordfence is Mark Maunder. He is proud of Two-Factor authentication. You can sign-in with your password and cellphone. That’s the level of security used by banks and governments. This cool feature is available in the premium version only (39 $ per year). Mark claims that Wordfence won’t slow your website down. There is a support forum where you can get free support if you need. It is interesting that this plugin was born thanked to the attack that Mark’s personal blog suffered. If you still don’t have a plugin providing security to your blog, get one. You never know when the attack could happen. What do you think ? Is the security issue neglected ? Please leave your comments.

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